About Caballero Lender Services

Caballero Lender Services was formed to assist servicers, lenders, investors, and asset managers with their legal needs. Founded by George G. Caballero, an attorney, investor, and servicer with over 30 years in the mortgage and real estate industry, George has developed a unique skillset that clients find extremely valuable.

Caballero Lender Services assists servicers, lenders, investors, and asset managers with default legal representation, including foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcy, loss mitigation, real estate closings, and litigation related to mortgages and real estate.

Additionally, we also assist Private Money Lenders with loan documents tailored to corporate borrowers, closing- settlement services, and when necessary, foreclosures on defaulted loans.

Caballero Lender Services, in partnership with one of its representative firms, has developed a white label program that offers banks and mortgage servicers support with borrower communications, consumer outreach, and call center services to find a settlement solution. This program allows servicers to timely and successfully communicate with borrowers affected by COVID-19 to complete forbearance or other payment arrangements.

Through another partnership, Caballero Lender Services has developed a Nationwide Bankruptcy practice. We are your one point of contact for the preparation and filing of Proofs of Claims, Transfer of Claims, PPFN, Payment Changes, Request for Notice, and Reaffirmation Agreements in every jurisdiction
in the United States.

Caballero Lender Services is the only legal network built by an experienced attorney, mortgage investor, and former national mortgage servicer manager.




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