Caballero Lender Services assists servicers, lenders, investors, and asset managers with originations and default legal representation, including foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcy, loss mitigation, real estate closings, and litigation related to mortgages and real estate.



Caballero Lender Services is the only legal network built by an experienced attorney, mortgage investor, and former national mortgage servicer manager.


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What Our Clients Have to Say

I first got to know George 15 years ago when the company I worked with provided him a servicing platform. Through that interaction, we assisted George in his servicing operation andhelped him grow his operation and enhance his servicing program. What amazed me from the beginning and what always stands out was George’s enthusiasm for the business and everything he did.Years later, we had another opportunity to work together, but this time our roles were reversed. I put together a default management program for financial institutions. I needed an outsource solution for a forbearance default program to meet the increased COVID-19 requirements placed on mortgagees by state and federal agencies. We ultimately expanded into providing a full outsourced default program. George helped me solve the problem through his experience in the spaceand helped us get this program off the ground.Working together, we were able to construct solutions that met institutions’ differing and varied needs. George’s understanding of the requirements of the mortgage industry made for a smooth and successful endeavor. I highly recommend Caballero Lender Services and the network that George has developed.

David Miner

Senior Servicing Consultant, Spillane Consulting Associates, Inc.

George and his network of skilled attorneys have become a critical tool for my firm in resolving the most difficult foreclosure, bankruptcy and litigation issues for our residential mortgage loan portfolio. He always stays active and takes personal responsibility for every ongoing case. George is always available to discuss any issue that we have sent his way, and he quickly takes action to get the necessary parties working on a resolution. I highly recommend Caballero Lender Services, and the very personal service that George provides, to any firm or individual in the commercial or residential mortgage space.

Mike Nocco

Chief Operating officer, Headlands Asset Management, LLC

I’ve known George for many years, and I could not think of a more reliable, responsive and knowledgeable person in the mortgage foreclosure, curative and servicing markets. From his vast experience in the field, George built Caballero Lender Services out of the best attorneys by great reputation, cost and speed. My firm, ProTitleUSA, uses George’s firm all the time for many complex title curative issues and would recommend his firm to all players in capital markets.

Alex Goldovsky

CEO and President, ProTitleUSA

There are few individuals in the mortgage banking industry that have the character, passion and fortitude that match their professional expertise and breadth of knowledge. George is one of them. I’ve personally known George for over 15 years, and I have provided legal services for his previous business endeavors. From an attorney-client perspective, I can say that very few individuals possess his level of energy, enthusiasm, and exactness for detail and getting the job done right and on time. He is a stickler for accuracy and follows up on projects (no matter how big or how small) to ensure completion. Few people in this industry possess his acumen for building and maintaining relationships.

Michael L. Zevitz

Managing Attorney, SouthLaw, PC

George and his team are our trusted advisors for legal recovery of non-performing mortgage debt. Whether it’s borrower mediation, foreclosure, litigation, or general loan servicing and loss mitigation advice, George is our first call. I strongly recommend him to any fellow debt-buyer

Paul Birkett

CEO & Founder, Automation Finance