Nationwide Title and Tax Due Diligence Reports for Investors and Foreclosure Attorneys

Acquisition Investor Nationwide Title Searches

We work with a national company that has taken title searches to the next level with their proprietary technology. This technology and operational efficiencies allow for a better product and a faster delivery of your product request. They have created the only consolidated portfolio dashboard in the industry, available by spreadsheet or over API, by integrating the Title/Tax O&E results with Unrecorded Lien Searches (township searches for code enforcement liens and permit violations), Water and Sewer Payoffs, and Bankruptcy Scrubs (specific for note/capital markets). They perform Asset-Level Grading, Page-by-Page Title Exam, Assignment Chain Review, Title Policy Exception Review, Pre-Recording Scrub, and Curative Services. VPR Search Integration is also available in select states. Additionally, they service the 2nd Lien Note Community by offering, 2nd Lien Bankruptcy Scrubs and 2nd Lien Title Searches to determine if the lien is secured.

Please call or email George if you would like to set up a demonstration.