Litigation & Appeals


Our attorneys possess the litigation expertise to effectively represent clients in all real estate related litigation matters including the below:

  • Litigated Foreclosure Actions
  • Title Insurance Claims
  • Title Curative and Quiet Title Litigation
  • Municipal and County Disputes, including code violations, water lien resolution and litigation
  • Suit on Note
  • Condemnations
  • Forfeitures
  • Tax Sales (redemption, application for excess proceeds, and related litigation)
  • HOA Litigation
  • General and Complex Litigation
  • Lien Disputes


Our attorneys possess the skills and experience necessary to handle your appeal.  Your case will be evaluated to determine whether the court’s order is appealable and the likelihood of a successful appeal.  Our attorneys thoroughly review the lower court record, analyze and understand the legal complexities at issue, and effectively frame the arguments to obtain the best possible outcome on appeal.