Our attorneys assist Servicers, lenders, investors and asset managers with foreclosures. They are pro-active in assisting our clients in finding a solution to any issue and are supportive in finding resolutions. Each firm believes in a high level of client communication so that their matters proceed timely. Each firm is experienced in providing services within all Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, FHA, and investor client timelines, and complies with all applicable fee and regulatory compliance guidelines. The firms we work with  prosecute the foreclosure without the delays of the “big box, foreclosure mills.” The firms have extensive experience in the following foreclosure-related areas:

  • Judicial and Non-Judicial Foreclosures
  • Personal Property Foreclosures
  • Foreclosures of Mobile / Manufactured Homes
  • Title Claim and Curative Actions
  • Strict Foreclosure and Quiet Title Actions
  • Short Sales
  • Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Deficiency Actions
  • Senior Lien Monitoring
  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Contested Foreclosure Actions
  • Tax Deed Foreclosures